Espressività Generativa

“I listened Gianluca Testa in a great seminar in Phnom Penh (EG South East Asian Tour 2015). Testa uses stories, examples and language to make things drop inside that skull that runs the bus. He has taking a route that gets into the deep trance of making change and how to using the energy to transfer knowledge and skills in an effortless manner. Testa is well known to install skills with Espressività Generativa System and to make people feel good for no reason at all. This seminar gets you into the states and how to use anchoring to make change before you ever get to feel bad. You will have the ability to make change in how you process memory and how you go around making behaviour shifts in your day-to-day life.”

Alex Buendia (TESTIMONIAL)






Espressività Generativa ™

Neuro Linguistic Programming


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Gianluca Testa is an international Nlp Trainer, hypnotist and acting coach. He develops a new original method of personal transformation and acting known as espressività generativa ™ and conducts seminars and training workshops about it around the world (mainly in Europe and South East Asia).


More than ten thousand people attended his courses internationally: actors, artists, professionals, managers, politicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, athletes, lawyers, doctors and nurses but also people who just wants to improve himself, the tools for unlocking the full flow of their human potential and for applying extraordinary strategies of transformation.

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Gianluca Testa ha sviluppato un nuovo metodo di acting e crescita personale noto come espressività generativa ™ e conduce seminari e workshop su questa disciplina in tutto il mondo (principalmente Europa e Sud Est Asiatico).

Più di diecimila partecipanti hanno frequentato i suoi corsi, seminari e conferenze.

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Espressività generativa™ is a trade mark. It’s registered on Italian Ministry of Economic Development N.0001559193 and waiting to international registration as intellectual property in Hong Kong. Centro Internazionale Studi Espressività Generativa ™ ed EG ACTORS LAB sono progetti formativi del Dr.Gianluca Testa P.IVA 09082191009

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